Wednesday, December 2, 2009

John Orth (1 of 6)

I thought I was finished with the making portion of this release. After working up artwork for the cd, the record, the 7", buttons, a poster and t-shirts, I felt spent. But as the inspiring submissions for The Retelling began to arrive, I felt myself getting reeled back in. So much so that I've created six submissions to date and have ideas for many more. The first is my imagining of the Little Stallion character who reoccurs throughout the record. I drew it at my boyfriend Alan's apartment in Williamsburg. He has a small collection of silhouette portraits of boys. The silhouette I modeled this drawing from is a true dandy...clever hat, cascading curls and a ribbon at his throat. "Little Stallion kicking up the sand, run free."
yrs, J

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