Monday, November 30, 2009

Joy Drury Cox (2 of 2)

This is my vision of the place of the "last transmission". I think that for me this song is about this internal space of declaration, an acknowledgement of an ending. I began to think about where the last transmission would come from, rather than what the transmission would be. I imagine that in general last transmissions are similar in tone and content... where they come from depends on so much.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joy Drury Cox (1 of 2)

This is not a horse. I had this image of this white horse. I've kept this for several years waiting for its proper place. Horses appear in many of Holopaw's songs. They seem to disappear and reappear, at times fleeting and at times a force stronger than explanation. The metaphor, a symbol. I can't help but wonder who all these horses are...but perhaps there is more in thinking about the spirit in which they are summoned.

Joy Drury Cox lives in Brooklyn, NY and is in need of a new set of speakers and a time machine.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Michael Velliquette

My piece is inspired by a line in "P-a-l-o-m-i-n-e" that goes, "How could you know I was only bleeding?". I saw this as sort of dance or embrace between the self and the collective.

Michael Velliquette is an artist working in Madison, Wisconsin. For more info visit

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jen Kelly

Jen Kelly lives in Brooklyn, NY and is still daydreaming about her summer in Oulu, Wisconsin. That's where she learned to make beef jerky and jam, and she learned some basics in stained glass. "Oh Glory. Oh Wilderness." helps her conjure the state she loved being in: wandering through the Northwoods, wary of bears and squinting against sunshine that streamed though the trees in a certain way.
Her favorite place to shop is in nature, where she keeps finding rocks and branches that she needs to keep. Currently, she is working on some more drawings, and mobiles made with driftwood from Lake Superior and glass raindrops for sale on etsy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Micah Daw (1 of 3) Singing Tower

Singing Tower / Black Lacquered Shame

I have always loved Holopaw music. From the two piece guitar (Jeff) and a single crash cymbal (played by John while singing) to the eleven member keyboard and effects heavy ensemble and now the rock and roll unit which once again has combined the best musical talent of Gainesville, FL. When asked to contribute, I found myself working through a series of paintings. These paintings show structures that could be seen as monuments, heaps of refuse, utilitarian or useless, in flux or static, etc...I enjoy the duality. For my contribution, I picked my three favorite songs from Wilderness and made a painting for each song. The songs I focused on where Black Lacquered Shame, The Lazy Matador, and Oh, Glory.

Micah lives in Columbus Ohio. He enjoys spending time with his sweetheart Kristen and cat Mobley. He often wonders, "What it do?"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Angela Deane

My brain goes wild with images when I listen to music.

And living in NYC, it's easy to get carried away - full-scale musicals happen on the subway, out on the street, I jump on the vacant seat of a tandem bike, hailing its' teen driver, spindly metal taxi... and then between squirrels and pigeons tapping their feet and beaks to the rhythm I pulsate and strut. Strut and strut and strut, eyes to the sky.

But when I listen to Holopaw, my chin lowers, all the rushed movements and passerbys smooth out - glinted silvery light takes over and I find myself in a soft world of tenderness, hope, fallen beauty. It's white; snow, or cotton perhaps, lit up and hazy. White sun like fingers, combing over creatures beneath. I can wander through it. I can go slowly. I can take a sharp breath in if I want. I am crestfallen, perhaps, but in the prettiest way.

(Treasures are so often filled with both wonder and regret, no?)

And then, filled with foxes and matadors, I hear, "The tenderness of these wolves, so curious... You know, I'd do it again for the thrill of these crystalline peaks. I'm gasping your wilderness in."

Shoulders shrugged, head set down, my wolf/fox/
bullfighter rests beneath the arctic sun. Golds and blues, pink socks. White sky, blue ring, inspired by the landscape of the words and sounds, or maybe, just maybe, simply from the white splinters inside john orth's own eyes which I only just noticed this summer - on the black waters of Lake Santa Fe, grey raindrops starting to fall, his legendary blues out-twinkling Sinatra, the startling white marks his own crystallines - after I asked something to the effect of...

You lean forward...and I'll lean forward...


Angela lives and works in Brooklyn and cherishes walking; over bridges, down streets, through parks - eying endless city strangers, and, at home, instead of battling her frequent insomnia, rather celebrates it with 4 a.m. headphone dancing.

Mike Taylor + Jessica Strang

Mike Taylor believes in the occult power of the image; he was born in Tampa and lives in Miami. Contact him at
Jessica Strang is a freelance writer and photographer currently living in Miami, Florida; she was born in Alabama and loves arranging and rearranging words.

Topher Sinkinson

topher sinkinson lives in the tall trees and swims in the deep lakes. this is what his portland, oregon backyard looks like in late-august-ish. holopaw forever.