Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anna Heath

here is the house the avalanche swept away, the conductor and a shadow, inspired by this slow and quiet winter white

a soft brizz is blowing a tenda brizz it kisses your eye gentil brizz it kirresses your face but strange feeling without and within a love messsige in slo scrawl ing h is for hel lo

anna heath live in gainesville, fl will go back home to the ocean
someday untill driving countryside and meeting member of the
williston woodturning club

1 comment:

  1. os the misses of you
    can it be so far
    i thinkz i can ring-a-ding
    but no.
    capz and cruz sez halloz to youz
    ring-a-ding-dingz on the new telefone thingz's.
    -couldn't find a contact soz i'll put mine on the floor

    oh by the the way Good Job J'O'. paas this t'anna. World