Monday, February 8, 2010

Roger Beebe

I have to confess that I'm usually pretty slow to pick up on lyrics. (Sorry, John!) When I was asked to work on this project, I was on tour, and I was spending a lot of time driving with the new Holopaw album playing on my car stereo. On the tour, I was showing some films that used a lot of abstract loops, and somehow one night driving across the wilds of Arkansas a variation on those images clicked with something in the sound of the Holopaw record. It was only way later that I realized that "The Lazy Matador" includes the lyric "just a pinprick"; all these images were made by punching holes in black leader with a push pin. Maybe I was listening to the lyrics after all.

What I made here I also think of as a kind of "make your own Holopaw video." The beats in the image seem to magically sync with a lot of the songs, so feel free to rub 'em together yourself & see what you think.

The end.

roger beebe

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