Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Micah Daw (1 of 3) Singing Tower

Singing Tower / Black Lacquered Shame

I have always loved Holopaw music. From the two piece guitar (Jeff) and a single crash cymbal (played by John while singing) to the eleven member keyboard and effects heavy ensemble and now the rock and roll unit which once again has combined the best musical talent of Gainesville, FL. When asked to contribute, I found myself working through a series of paintings. These paintings show structures that could be seen as monuments, heaps of refuse, utilitarian or useless, in flux or static, etc...I enjoy the duality. For my contribution, I picked my three favorite songs from Wilderness and made a painting for each song. The songs I focused on where Black Lacquered Shame, The Lazy Matador, and Oh, Glory.

Micah lives in Columbus Ohio. He enjoys spending time with his sweetheart Kristen and cat Mobley. He often wonders, "What it do?"


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